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Dumbwaiters are essentially small elevators designed to transport objects between floors. Dumbwaiters are useful modern tools, either at a home or in businesses. Restaurants, hotels and medical clinics are just some of the businesses that can benefit from motorized dumbwaiters. Hotels and restaurants are a natural for the dumbwaiter, as the dumbwaiter moves food seamlessly from one floor to another. Old-fashioned dumbwaiters can be found especially in older hotels. Dumb Waiter Guys has made sure that we have made good relationships with all the restaurant and hotel owners.


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Dumb Waiter Guys deals in modern dumbwaiters which use an electric drive system that make it effortless to transport items between floors. Most dumbwaiters have a smaller capacity than those of passenger elevators, hence people are not allowed to ride dumbwaiters as this could damage the dumbwaiters. It is also going against the building codes for individuals to use dumbwaiters. A simple dumbwaiter has ropes, shafts, and pulleys, while a more modern one like the ones offered in Dumb Waiter Guys includes electric motors. Visit Dumb Waiter Guys or reach us on 888-739-5080 to learn more about dumbwaiters.


Advantages of dumbwaiters

The dumbwaiters provided by Dumb Waiter Guys need very minimal maintenance. They are equipped with safety devices suitable for emergencies. dumbwaiters can also move paperwork from one department to the next in large offices and institutions. Dumb Waiter Guys offers both commercial and residential dumbwaiters which are an amazing solution for transporting items from floor-to-floor. dumbwaiters are especially effective in hotels, restaurants and even homes.

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Dumbwaiters enhance individuals health by reducing the risk of back strain, aching muscles or even accidents since one does not have to carry bulky items from one floor to another.

Dumbwaiters are especially very convenient for food service businesses. Food needs to be prepared and delivered in a fast and efficient manner, thus the dumbwaiter is an essential in a commercial kitchen. Installing and operating a dumbwaiter offered by Dumb Waiter Guys, restaurants save on time and money by reducing the number of staff needed and transporting food quickly via the dumbwaiter. dumbwaiters also reduce the walking distance and time for the employees, enhancing efficiency among the staff.

Dumbwaiters enhance safety in a restaurant, making workers to avoid narrow staircases and small kitchens where accidents can occur easily. dumbwaiters also allow a hygienic way of transporting food. They are made of sanitary stainless steel or enamel finishes and are suitable for a hygienic kitchen environment.

Dumbwaiters are also highly efficient in hotels. Hotel room occupants can have their ordered items delivered by dumbwaiters that connect rooms or floors, thus reducing human labor. Instead of using a much bigger elevator to transport items to individual rooms, a dumbwaiter can be able to handle the job, providing a cost benefit. The use of dumbwaiters also boost in-room privacy for guests.

Restaurants use dumbwaiters to make their businesses run more efficiently while smart homeowners use them to enhance their quality of life. dumbwaiters are a superb way of keeping your home in order. They minimize the amount of effort taken to do work and also makes stocking the kitchen a simple and easy task.

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